Ageneau et B2PWeb
Ageneau et B2PWeb

The alliance of skills: Pat group adheres to the road and logistics carriers Tred Union grouping.


Group Pat is a member of the Tred Chariot network, the solution for the delivery of bulky items at home or on-site


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The freight exchange by and for professionals in road transport

Ageneau et B2PWeb

Born in 2006 the willingness of carriers to create an alternative to the existing monopoly, B2PWeb is under the control of transportation and transportation commission professionals.

The objective was clear: provide road transport professionals, a "Fellowship of freight" simple, inexpensive and effective tool, a real alternative to the market situation in place for years.

2012, the year of consecration: professionals have taken the challenge launched by a handful of leaders.

With groups of carriers, and the federations of carriers, Ageneau Transport have been an actor of this success by investing in the capital of B2PWeb and mobilizing collaborators so that this challenge could succeed.

B2PWeb became our freight Exchange!

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