Une saga familiale
Une saga familiale

The alliance of skills: Pat group adheres to the road and logistics carriers Tred Union grouping.


Group Pat is a member of the Tred Chariot network, the solution for the delivery of bulky items at home or on-site


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A family saga

1962 Creation of Ageneau Transport by Gustave and Marie-Thérèse Ageneau.
1975 Arrival of Christian Ageneau (5th employee).
1979 Arrival of Jean-Pierre Ageneau (6th employee).
1981 Creation of the SARL Ageneau transport.
1982 Arrival of Philippe Ageneau (9th employee).
1994 Arrival of Ludovic BRIN (Intern BTS accounts department/management). Co-manager of Ageneau Group effective May 1, 2014.
1995 Creation of Ageneau Angers.
2000 Creation of Ageneau Nantes.
2001 Creation of Ageneau Paris.
2005 Arrival of Guillaume Ageneau, son by Jean-Pierre.
2009 Arrival of Charlène Ageneau, daughter of Philippe.

Accession to the grouping of carriers Tred Union,
Signing of the ADEME Charter «CO2 carriers undertake»
Construction of logistics platform, docks of transit and offices of Cholet.

2011 Creation of Hortitrace, company specialized in the collection of packaging,
ParticiAgeneauion in B2P WEB, the freight exchange by and for professionals in road transport.

New logistic Angers site : 14,000 m² on the ZI de Saint - Barthélémy d'Anjou,.
Creation of the SARL Ageneau Paris : purchase of a site in St Germain les Arpajon near Paris, establishment of an organization of exploitation and a logistics service,
50th anniversary of the company,
Transport Palm 2012

2013 Creation of Tred trolley,
Creation of the international service.
2014 Arrival of Arnaud Ageneau, son by Jean-Pierre.


1962 : A la maison familiale, rue des Roussines à Cholet
1973 : Dépôt rue des Roussines à Cholet, 3 camions UNIC et 2 Manitou
1975 : Philippe et Christian Ageneau
1979 : Jean-Pierre Ageneau
1980 : 1ère semi-remorque savoyarde
1981 : Semi-remorque céréalière
1988 : La flotte Ageneau se développe
1989  : Arrivée en ZI, 21, rue Sarthe à Cholet