Groupe Ageneau Transports et Logistique
Groupe Ageneau Transports et Logistique

The alliance of skills: Pat group adheres to the road and logistics carriers Tred Union grouping.


Group Pat is a member of the Tred Chariot network, the solution for the delivery of bulky items at home or on-site


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Highway driver

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You drive a heavy road vehicle (authorized laden weight of GVWR greater than 3.5 tonnes) to transport goods (products, vehicles,...), in short, average or long distance according to the regulation of work and road transport and the imperatives of customer satisfaction (deadlines, compliance,...).

You can perform loading/unloading operations and maintenance of the vehicle tracking.
You realize the transport-related operations (load securement, signature of documents, control of the goods,...).

The road driver hierarchically depends on the operator in charge of its activity.



  • You check the status of operation of the vehicle, equipment and perform the steps hitching and unhitching,
  • You identify the route according to the characteristics of the vehicle, loading and delivery priorities;
  • You organize or control the loading of the goods in the vehicle,
  • Check the presence and the conformity of edge and transport documents,
  • You realize the removal, routing and delivery of the products or goods and to check compliance with the customer,
  • You fill in the activity tracking supports and pass information to the concerned service,
  • You put in place emergency incident and alert services concerned,
  • You respect the prerogatives of operation (route, timetable, organization of loads or unloads...).


  • You fill legibly and neatly all documents in connection with your transport activity (week sheet, letter car, good delivery...) and you pass to the services concerned,
  • You are familiar with the French and European goods transport social legislation and various regulations in force, the rules of security of goods and persons, the terms of loading and unloading of goods and tie-down techniques
  • You know perfectly well read a road map, use the navigation (GPS, VHF, radar...) equipment and the tachograph.

DOCUMENTS and training required

Are required for the exercise of the profession driver road:

  • The heavy C and this permit,
  • The initial mandatory Minimum (FIMO) training,
  • Mandatory continuing education (FCO),
  • The driver card.


(S) certificate (s) of clearance (specific (s) according to the nature of the products or goods being transported:

  • Training for the transport of dangerous goods (ADR basic training),
  • Ability to conduct in safety (CACES) certificate (s) may be required:

-CACES R372 (building machinery),
-CACES R389 (self-propelled trucks to driver),
-CACES R390 (auxiliary cranes for loading vehicles).

The periodic renewal of all these documents or training is also required.


  • Good physical condition (acuity Visual, hearing, reflexes...),
  • Activity can exercise the weekends, holidays, night and involve a move away from home for several days. Travel may be regional, national and international,
  • The wearing of protective equipment is required (gloves, safety shoes, fluorescent vest,
  • You must be rigorous, punctual, versatile, etc...