Ageneau et Hortitrace
Ageneau et Hortitrace

The alliance of skills: Pat group adheres to the road and logistics carriers Tred Union grouping.


Group Pat is a member of the Tred Chariot network, the solution for the delivery of bulky items at home or on-site


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Shared management of the horticultural packaging service


Hortitrace was created in April 2011, at the initiative of a computer scientist
(The seed Informatics), an expert in horticultural logistics (Eric BERGUE)
and 4 carriers.

The objectives for horticulturists, nurserymen and carriers

  • Finish with the loss and costly management of horticultural packaging logistics,
  • Reduce costs,
  • Retrieve packages for clients,
  • Repatriate the packaging as soon as possible on the places of production everywhere in France.

With Hortitrace, we offer:

  • The horticultural pooled all packaging management ,
  • An interface between the producer, the customer and the carrier.

Since 2011, Hortitrace found its rhythm, the service is more attractive and efficient.

Hortitrace now wishes to broaden its offering to the industrial sectors, food and building :

  • Metal pallets for transportation of carpentry,
  • Food boxes,
  • Containers...

For more information, visit the site Hortitrace.

Ageneau et Hortitrace
Ageneau et Hortitrace pour la gestion des emballages
La filière horticole et Ageneau
Gestion des emballages avec Hortitrace et Ageneau