Groupe Ageneau Transports et Logistique
Groupe Ageneau Transports et Logistique

The alliance of skills: Pat group adheres to the road and logistics carriers Tred Union grouping.


Group Pat is a member of the Tred Chariot network, the solution for the delivery of bulky items at home or on-site


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  • The Organization of the road carriage of goods by means of transport at the national and international
  • The realization of the purchase and the sale of transport services international on behalf of clients, according to the regulation of the transportation and commercial objectives (quality, cost, time),
  • You'll have to search cargo and transport (carriers, sub-contractors, freight exchange,...) and stop the terms of purchase or sale of transportation benefits,
  • Develop tariff grids for the sale or purchase of a transport service according to operational or financial criteria (tariff encryption techniques mastery).
  • Inform the customer on the transport arrangements (cost, formalities,...) and propose the appropriate commercial solution by organizing the various stages (removal, delivery,...),
  • Establish and manage documents related to the contract of carriage and Charter and pass them on to customers, providers,
  • Ensure the quality of outsourced carriers: verification of the integrity of businesses, vehicles and cargo, insurance compliance with regulatory obligations...
  • Inform media followed by activity, identify gaps and propose axes of evolution,
  • Master trade rules of after sales Service, record claims and bring to the customer a first level of response/solution according to the types of incidents (delays, loss, breakage,...),
  • Prepare and/or control the elements of billing for the provision of transport services,
  • Monitor and control the overall achievement of delivery according to the terms defined in the contract (course of transport, traceability of the goods,...).


  • Bac + 2 (BTS / DUT) in transportation, logistics management, commercial action...
  • Complemented by a significant professional experience in the area of international road transport.


  • The practice of several foreign languages, and in particular the English and German,
  • Different tools (Office Word and Excel, electronic data interchange - EDI - interchange,...) and information and communication technologies (Internet, e-mail,...),
  • The regulation of the transport of goods (national and international) as well as the regulation of international trade (Incoterms,...) must be perfectly controlled,
  • The characteristics of the different types of transport,
  • The customs regulations,
  • The geography of transportation (international road network)
  • The regulation of the transport of goods and dangerous goods (ADR legislation).