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Votre transporteur s'engage

The alliance of skills: Pat group adheres to the road and logistics carriers Tred Union grouping.


Group Pat is a member of the Tred Chariot network, the solution for the delivery of bulky items at home or on-site


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Our commitments

Ageneau et Objectif CO2

In June 2010, we were part of the first carriers to commit to reduce its emissions of CO2.

To achieve the objectives that we set, we have made significant investments and implemented significant actions.

The rational conduct

  • Training of trainers,
  • A school vehicle equipment,
  • Training of drivers in eco-driving,
  • Equipment all recorders HDM Ecorecorder vehicles.
  • Individual follow-up by rating and challenge of drivers on consumption, the anticipation, the flexibility, the braking and the limitation of the use of the engine off.

The modernisation of the fleet and the passage of the 44-tonne vehicles

Optimization of routes

Optimization of loading coefficients

The sorting of waste

This approach, if she joined environmental convictions of the team management and members of staff, has of course a major economic interest and made some Ageneau, your partner privileged for sustainable transportation.

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Branchement électrique pour réduction des émissions de CO²
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